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Daftar dan Spesifikasi Laptop Acer

Laptop Acer
A relative newcomer to the world of mobile computers, Acer laptops have been the recipients of numerous awards for design and innovation. The line features a selection of TravelMate PCs, the Aspire series, and the cutting edge Ferrari line up. Acer Ferrari notebooks, not only share a name with the Italian sports car maker, but also boast the inimitable Prancing Horse emblem. Thanks to persistence and quality, they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the market.

Acer with Intel Core i7 Processor

Aspire AS8943G-6190             500GB HDD, 18.4", i7-720QM  
Aspire 8940G                    500GB HDD, 18.4", i7-720QM 
Aspire AS5745DG-7744G64Mn       640GB HDD, 15.6", i7-740QM
Aspire AS5745PG-7744G64Mnks     640GB HDD, 15.6", i7-740QM 
Aspire AS5943G-724G64Mn         640GB HDD, 15.6", i7-720QM
Aspire AS5745G-722G50Mn         500GB HDD, 15.0", i7-720QM
Aspire AS5745G-724G50Mn         500GB HDD, 15.0", i7-720QM
Aspire 5950G-2634G75Wnss        750GB HDD, 15.4", i7-2630QM
Aspire 5943G-7744G64Mn          640GB HDD, 15.6", i7-740QM
Aspire 5745DG-7744G64Mn         640GB HDD, 15.6", i7-740QM
Aspire 5745G-724G50Mnks         500GB HDD, 15.6", i7-720QM 
Aspire 5745G-722G50Mn           500GB HDD, 15.6", i7-720QM 
TimelineX AS1830T-68U118        500GB HDD, 11.6", i7-680UM 

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