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Laptop Toshiba with The Intel Core 2 Processor

Laptop Toshiba with the Intel® Core™2 processor family deliver faster performance, greater energy efficiency, and more responsive multitasking, so your company can be more productive.

Combining mainstream processing speeds with power-saving features, Laptop Toshiba with the Intel Core 2 processor family let you get more done in less time, reducing energy costs by an average of 50 percent.

Daftar Laptop Toshiba With The Intel Core 2 Processor
Qosmio X305-Q708             448GB HDD, 17.0", extQX9300
Qosmio X300-G771 640GB HDD, 17.0", T9550
Qosmio X305-Q712 320GB HDD, 17.0", P7350
Qosmio F50-AV532 640GB HDD, 15,4”, T9400

Satellite P505-S8980 500GB HDD, 18.4", T6600
Satellite A505-S6960 320GB HDD, 16.0", T6500
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1523 250GB HDD, 15.6", T6670
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1521 250GB HDD, 15.6", T6570
Satellite Pro L450-EZ1522 250GB HDD, 15.6", T6570
Satellite Pro S300-EZ1513 160GB HDD, 15.4", T6400
Satellite L510-B402 250GB HDD, 14.0", T6570
Satellite L510-S410 320GB HDD, 14.0", T6500
Satellite L310-S405 250GB HDD, 14.0", T6400
Satellite M300-T6400 320GB HDD, 14.1", T6400
Satellite C640-1021U 320GB HDD, 14.0", P6200
Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2421 250GB HDD, 14.1", T5870
Satellite U505-S2975 500GB HDD, 13.3", P7450
Satellite U505-S2970 500GB HDD, 13.3", P7450
Satellite Pro U500-EZ1311 250GB HDD, 13.3", T6670
Satellite U505-S2961 320GB HDD, 13.3", T6600
Satellite U505-S2960 320GB HDD, 13.3", T6600
Satellite U505-S2960PK 320GB HDD, 13.3", T6600
Satellite Pro U500-EZ1321 250GB HDD, 13.3", T6570

Portege M800-T8100 320GB HDD, 13,3" T8100
Portege M900-D331 320GB HDD, 13.3" P8700
Portege M800-P8400 320GB HDD, 13.3" P8400
Portege M800-T6500 250GB HDD, 13.3" T6500
Portege M800-T6400 320GB HDD, 13.3" T6400
Portege R600-ST4203 512GB HDD, 12.1" SU9400
Portege A600 IC2D 3G 250GB HDD, 12.1" ULV9400, modem HSPA (3.5G)

Tecra A10-S3511 160GB HDD, 15.4", P8600
Tecra R10-S4411 160GB HDD, 14.1", SP9300
Tecra M10-S341 160GB HDD, 14.1", P8600

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