Sabtu, 12 September 2009

Laptop Lenovo F20,Coca Cola Stile

If there is a creator of the laptop that will participate in the Beijing 2008 Olympic enliven, surely Lenovo. Lenovo has launched a new laptop version of the F20 has a brand Coca Cola red, combined with the Olympic rings on the laptop cover, under the Lenovo logo.

Laptops Lenovo F20 is the first laptop in China and will use the trademark Coca Cola red. Laptop has a 1.66 GHz processor Intel M778 series, an Intel 915GMS chipset, and 512MB DDR2 memory. Lenovo F20 is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, Buetooth, 56K modem, and 100Mbps Ethernet port and 3 USB, 1 IEEE1394 port also. Avatar of the new Lenovo F20 has a 12.1 inch screen and wide screen combined with the dual battery is capable of stand up to 8 hours.

Laptop Lenovo F20
Harga: $1,687 US

Spesifikasi Laptop Lenovo F20 :

* Intel M778 processor, 1.66GHz
* Intel 915GMS chipset with GMA900 display chip
* 12.1 inch wide screen monitor
* 512MB DDR2 memory
* 80GB hard disk
* External Combo drive
* WiFi, Bluetooh, 56K modem, and 100Mbps ethernet port
* Built-in 1.5W stereo speaker
* 3 USB ports, 1 IEEE1394 port
* All-in-one memory card reader
* Dual batteries for 8.5 hours usage
* Weight: 1.4KG