Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Advan Soulmate M4-33125 With AMD Athlon II Danube N330

Advan Soulmate M4-33125Advan, local computer manufacturer, announced a collaboration with AMD. This cooperation marked by the adoption of AMD Athlon 2 Danube in the Advan line of notebooks Soulmate. For the first stage, the new processor is available for Advan Soulmate M4-33 125.

AMD Athlon II Danube N330 Advan chosen because it is designed as an AMD dual-core mobile processors for notebook or laptop. This processor works with 2.3 GHz clock speed.

In the market, AMD Athlon II Danube often juxtaposed N330 Intel Pentium T4500 which has the same clock speed. However, with L1 cache and system bus speed is greater, the process of computing that it offers relativelyrapid .

In addition, a laptop with Athlon II, the process is supported in hardware virtualization so that the performance of virtual machines can be optimized. "Therefore, we chose the AMD Athlon 2 to Advan Soulmate product line. For the first, we introduce Soulmate M4-33 125 in February," said Advan in its official statement on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

This notebook is also equipped with ATI Radeon HD graphics card 250, 256Mb shared. It's not too fancy, but Advan claim is fairly sufficient condition to produce quality graphics and good multimedia.